About us

The team was founded by Elias on the 17th of August, 2019.

The Team's "History"

On the 17th of August, Elias has posted a recruitment messages in the Brackeys Community Discord Server. And a team of 3 was quickly assembled. We were only 3 programmers at the beginning but one of us has invited a pixel artist, and Elias has invited a Music Deisgner. We had an idea for a project, a game that is based on the Area 51 raid that was supposed to take place in a month. But the game took sometime to make, and the raid was no longer relevant, so we abandoned the project. At that time, A programmer and the pixel artists have left. But a new artist had joined by that time. So we started working a new horror-ish game, and some progress screenshots exist in the Dev Blog page. But the game didn't go that far. After that we made a mobile game, Color Changer (Currently Unavailable). After publishing v3.0, the team got into an argument and the other programmer left. By that time, a programmer joined the team. We made another mobile game, Jumper. After that we started working on DWAG. and now we're here!

Meet the team


Hello! I'm Elias. I'm the founder of the 51 Devs team. I'm also one of the programmers here. I manage our Discord bot and website. I've started programming when I was 11, although it was only HTML, it still counts, I guess. I will soon have 4 years of experience with C#, and 2 years with JavaScript. Pretty cool, right?

Haeder Al-yousef

I'm Haeder Al-yousef aka Toast. I'm 17 years old and I live in Saudi Arabia. I'm a programmer, and I've been using Unity for quite sometime now. I admire 2D Pixel Art games and 2D games in general, I also like speedrun fast-based 3D shooters such as DUSK.


Hello, My name is Mist aka Andrey and I come from Ukraine. I'm one of the Artists in the 51 Devs team! I am also a writes and a crappy clay sculptur. I was one of the first people to join the team. I use ClipStudioPaint for drawing and animating. (I also have stage 1 Scoliosis 😎)


Hi! I'm Armando. I'm one of the artists in the 51 Devs team. I'm just an amateur animator and game designer making my own game and animations, and now I guess im giving a hand to the devs in here? I have fun and I may like game animation a bit too much because I find myself downloading gigabytes upon gigabytes of sprites just to analyze one frame at times...


Hi! I'm Ilya. I'm one the 3D Modeler in the 51 Devs team altough I'm actually a programmer but I deal with Java (which is very similar to C#) for about 2+ years. I'm also gonna learn C# and Unity soon. I'm into making music and 3D modeling as well. Usually I do mad trap-metal crap and psychedelic 3D models, but I can also try to make pretty chill music in FL-Studio and pretty normal models in Blender.

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