A Little bit about us

The 51 Devs team Was Founded by Elias on August 17th, 2019.
How we all met: Well, We had a lot of members changing, so where we met is irrelevant.

Owner: Elias
Co-Owner: Andrey

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team | Elias

Hello, I'm Elias.
My Roles: Programmer, Website Manager, Community Manager, Founder.
A bit about me: I'm a programmer in the 51 Devs team.
I am making games with my team using the Unity game engine and the C# programming language.
I've been using C# for around 3 years now. I also know JavaScript/ES5-6, Python 3, A Bit of PHP and SQL, HTML4-5 & CSS3.

Meet Our Team | Andrey

Hi, I'm Andrey! I an Artist in the 51 Devs Team.
Role: Artist
A Bit About myself: I am a mediocre artist and beginner frame by frame animator. I use Clip Studio Paint for both animation and drawing.

Meet Our Team | Alon

Hello, I'm Alon! I'm the sound artist in The 51 Devs Team.
Role: Sound Artist
A bit about myself: Hello I'm Alon! and I live in the nearest trashcan™

Meet Our Team | Haeder

Hello, I'm Haeder!
I'm a programmer in the 51 Devs Team.
My Role: Programmer
A bit about myself: I'm a programmer in Unity, I'm into making all types of games! both 2D and 3D! I'm also a fan of pixel art.

Meet Our Team | Tomy

Hello, I'm Tomy!
I'm one of the members in the 51 Devs Team.
My Roles: 2D Artist
A bit about myself: I am a lifeless potato 🥔 that is always online
but never responds because im playing CS:GO and binging anime non-stop

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